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Transafrica Capital (Pty) Ltd is a South African based private equity fund which follows long term investment strategies of portfolio diversification, vertical and horizontal integration in the sectors it participates in and all combined to maximise return on investment


Who is Transafrica Capital?

Trans Africa Capital (Pty) Limited, is a private equity fund with a diverse range of investments in commercial & agricultural properties, media & communications, entertainment and procurement & logistics.

Investing in Potential. Creating Opportunities

The Transafrica Capital fund follows a long-term investment strategy of maximizing return on investment by way of active strategic involvement, key executive management and quality personnel directly responsible for day to day running of the underlying investments.

The historic diversification of the portfolio investments provides a natural hedge to sectoral risk and remains a conservative ethos which the group seeks to protect and actively harness for future growth.

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The fund actively seeks to create and develop new businesses, and in other cases it injects fresh ideas and energy into existing enterprises by remodeling them to adapt to changing and dynamic market conditions.

The funds activities and key philosophies are focused on benefiting the communities and countries they serve, creating opportunities for their social and economic development, and personal advancement of employees, shareholders, suppliers and clients, thereby contributing to the general welfare of all concerned.

The fund also invests in scientific research and development projects with a view to innovating products and services for industrial and commercial applications.



Group News

BRICS Investors Tie Up for Siberian Gold Mine Project

BRICS partners have announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit to develop the Kluchevskoyegold deposit located in Eastern Siberia.
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